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    We are no longer working with this supply chain. If you would like to see the original independent audit report for this supplier then please contact us. The IDFL quality report is still available to view.

    Our premium duck down is sourced from the Heilongjiang and Hebei provinces in North East China. These farms were visited in the Autumn of 2010. Our audit showed that this down is collected from ducks that are initially hatched and sold to small farms or hatched on the family farms and reared there. They live truly free-range lives. The birds are sold when they no longer produce eggs or when the market price for eggs drops below the break-even point. The birds are then sold, through agents, to local slaughterhouses. The birds range in age from 180 days to 700 days with the large majority being 700 days old when they are slaughtered. They are then plucked and the down is shipped to the processing plant for cleaning and grading. This is then purchased directly by our supplier in China. Because these ducks are older and have lived in a free-range environment and a cold climate the down they produce is of an exceptionally high quality.

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