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    A high quality goose down sourced sourced from the Rostov region of Western Russia.

    This down was collected from Geese raised for food by a small group of just 3 farms which we would describe as ‘small-industrial’ in scale with flock numbers typically no more than 300. Included within this chain was both a hatchery and parent farm as well as a single slaughterhouse. The birds were raised in predominantly free-range lives and slaughtered at between 1 and 2 years old. The slaughterhouse was located only a short distance from the farms and the raw material shipped to Germany for final processing.

    Whilst we continue to work with this supply chain and subsequent audits for more recent batches of down have been carried out, this particular audit has now expired. At the time, as now, the supply chain met the key rules of Down Codex, including no live plucking, no force feeding, and the down being only a meat-industry by-product

    If you would like to see the original independent audit report for this supplier then please contact us. The IDFL quality report is still available to view.

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