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    A high quality goose down sourced in Hunan Province in Central China .

    The down was collected from Geese raised for food by small farmers and smallholders whose typical flock size was around 20. Reared using free-range methods, the birds had plentiful access to fresh food, water and shelter. By day the birds would typically roam the surrounding rice fields common in this part of Hunan but return to the small farmyards each evening. The down was collected from these small farms by local dealers and batched together before being sold on to a down wholesaler in Taiwan for cleaning and final processing.

    In 2016 we ceased working with this supplier and supply chain with the last audit being carried out in the Winter of 2013. The supply chain met the key rules of Down Codex in effect at this time time including no live plucking, no force feeding, and the down being only a meat-industry by-product, and indeed it offered generally excellent animal welfare. However, from a traceability point of view the collection-based system was challenging and complex to audit on a regular basis.

    If you would like to see the original independent audit report for this supplier then please contact us. The IDFL quality report is still available to view.

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