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    This product contains Russian goose down. As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the on-going conflict, we took the decision in early 2022 to cease working with our Russian supplier of Goose Down. The last purchases from this supplier were made prior to February 2022. Please note however, that due to the length of time in advance that we manufacture products, some products available to buy during the Winter of 2022 and early 2023 will contain Goose Down of Russian origin.

    Were it not for the invasion of Ukraine, we would have continued to use this supply chain. We had worked with this supply chain for almost ten years and in that time had been continuously impressed with both the animal welfare standards and the quality of down we received. Indeed, following Down Codex audits, animal welfare had further improved as had the facilities at the slaughterhouse.

    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and now war with Ukraine it has not been possible to revisit and reaudit this supply chain as normal. Having worked with this supplier for a long time, and them having passed two previous Down Codex® audits, we have no concerns regarding the welfare of the birds in this supply chain, and we include the now lapsed Down Codex audit for reference.

    This is an exceptional quality goose down sourced from the Rostov region of Western Russia. This relatively small supply chain consisting of just 3 farms and a single slaughterhouse was last visited in the Autumn of 2018. Our inspection showed that this down is collected from birds that are reared for their meat. Included within this supply chain is both a hatchery and parent farm. The birds live predominantly free-range lives with access to plenty of space and water. The slaughterhouse is located only a short distance from the farms and the raw material is then shipped to Germany for final processing.

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