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    This Pure Duck down is sourced from the Jiangxi province in Eastern China. A representative sample of the farms were visited in the winter of 2019 as part of a Down Codex audit. At the same time the slaughterhouse, hatchery, feather processing unit and intermediary unit were also visited. Randomly selected barns on each farm were visited and auditors were given free access to all infrastructure of the farms. The farms generally allow the birds access to open water in their environments. Ducklings and feed for the birds are provided by the slaughterhouse and all ducklings are sourced from the hatchery. Average weight of duck at slaughter is around 1.25kg. Ducks are usually slaughtered at the age of 50-60 days. Down is shipped to a pre-processor and an intermediary before being sold onto to our supplier in Hangzhou province, China. As well as being subject to a Down Codex audit, this supply chain has been audited to RDS 3.0.

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