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    This Pure Duck down was sourced from Shangdong province in North-Eastern China.

    The down was collected from birds initially raised in separate hatcheries as ducklings before being sold onto farms to mature. The farms were all medium-large scale ‘industrial’ farms contracted directly to a slaughterhouse. The birds were predominantly barn-raised and slaughtered at between four and five weeks old for their meat. The down was then shipped to an intermediary processor before being sold onto to our supplier in Hangzhou province, China.

    Whilst we continue to work with the down wholesaler, in 2019 we took the decision to cease work with the particular supply chain shown in our report. A representative sample of these farms, as well as the parent farms, hatchery and slaughterhouse were last visited in the Autumn of 2016.

    The supply chain met the key rules of Down Codex in effect at this time including no live plucking, no force feeding, and the down being only a meat-industry by-product. However we have subsequently found a new supply chain offering higher levels of husbandry, including superior access to open water for the ducks on the farms. If you would like to see the original independent audit report for this supplier then please contact us. The IDFL quality report is still available to view.

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