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    We take material from European post-consumer waste destined for landfill. The down and feather is removed from the products and then washed, sterilised, and sorted. Most of this recycled down is destined for new bedding products but a very small percentage of the highest quality material is suitable for our needs and it is this that can be found in our recycled down products.
    The actual recycling is carried out at a facility in Italy. Powered by solar energy and with extensive waste water recycling to further reduce the process’s environmental impact, the process saves a valuable material from landfill and by eliminating the farming process in obtaining virgin down, vastly reduces the carbon footprint of making down products.
    Our ultimate aim is to introduce a fully closed loop recycling system for down clothing and equipment and to eliminate the need for unwanted products or those at the end of their useable life being sent to landfill.

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