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    Mountain Portraits | A Good Partnership

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    Words by Mountain Equipment

    Throughout Autumn and Winter, we will be showcasing a collection of commissioned portraits by Lukazsz Warzecha as part of our Mountain Portraits series, an attempt to highlight some of the key characters who give meaning to our work. This week, we focus on Tom Livingstone &  Uisdean Hawthorn, the newest members of our Pro Team, and their formidable climbing partnership.


    Mountain Equipment have been working with up and coming climbers for over 50 years, evolving from the need for equipment that can keep up with the cutting edge.

    Tom and Uisdean are the latest generation in illustrious footsteps, pushing their standards around the world and helping our non-stop design and development process to move forward with them.

    True all-rounders, climbing to a high standard on rock, ice and mixed, they are rapidly developing their already formidable skills and taking them to big lines that demand the full spectrum of experience.

    Hard routes in the Alps, Patagonia and Canada follow a long summer of adventurous rock climbing. The trials of Scottish and Alpine winter still await, and a new season of expeditions to the Himalayas and beyond beckon. One trip after the next.

    Tom Livingstone on the importance of a good partnership

    “A good partnership for alpine climbing should be focussed, smooth and dedicated. Focussed, because the task needs to be completed. The pitch needs climbing or snow needs melting. Smooth, because you have to get on well with each other. And dedicated, because you both have to be willing to do what it takes, for as long as it takes. Uisdean and I have similar attitudes to alpine climbing, and have enjoyed plenty of routes together. Climbing with him is a process of pushing and supporting each other. We work well and know when to take it easy, and when to focus.”

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