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    The Life Around Life.

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    “The dual carriage passed through the middle of Saint-Étienne, a city in the South Eastern Central of France. Plastered walls painted a pink salmon colour and covered by graffiti, skirt the road. Large letters, tags, cartoons, sharp angle shapes with shadows, a multi-coloured aerosol mosaic… Cars speed past the graffiti and past my little red van missing it by inches. Tower blocks look down – some have broken windows and the graffiti spreads like confetti,  upward, up into the dark cloudy sky, up, a sprayed bark of red, blue, green, graphite…  lettering clings to the building and flows out of sight around the man made arêtes.

    I was driving by myself from Chamonix to The Gorge du Tarn in the south west of France. Phil Dowthwaite was also taking the same journey to meet me and in a few days Rich Kirby, a Northerner as dry as a washed up lump of wood was joining the two of us.

    Three hours earlier…” read the rest of Nick’s post here

    blog-11  Tim displaying amazing no handed skills on a free ascent!


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