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    VIDEO: Mtn Rainier

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    “This winter, Washington has seen a ridge of high pressure double parked all over the spot where the storms usually bring snow. Flip flops and spring temperatures have reigned in the cities. Rain rained in the mountains. But if there’s anything to skiing, it’s about paying attention to conditions—where it’s good, for what, when. It might still be winter, but the volcanos looked like spring. So when a window cleared, and buddies were into it, three station wagons and a Sprinter van converged on Mt. Rainier for a go at the Fuhrer Finger. A moonlit bivy lead to early morning booting, then 9000ft of turns off the summit through sastrugi, edgeable wind board, and straight schmoo on the lower glaciers. Strange for early March, but not strange to plan well, climb hard, and be rewarded for our efforts on a truly classic line. Thanks to Blake, Mike, and Miles for a great adventure.” — David Steele

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