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    Cape Farewell Expedition 2014

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    Friends of the brand and Plas y Brenin Instructors Olly Sanders and Liam Fleming are on their way back to the UK having just successfully completed their Cape Farewell expedition .

    The aim of the expedition was to Kayak around the southern tip of Greenland’s Cape Farewell – a committing coastline exposed to big ocean swell tides and wind, with high cliffs so no easy landings. While kayaking along the coastline they also planned to climb New alpine routes.

    Here is a bit of detail from Olly

    “We carried 23 days food, all our camping and climbing gear in two P&H plastic Capellas and were completely self contained although it was a very tight fit

    olly 1

    We were out for 21 days and covered almost 300km , we encountered big seas and stormy conditions – we were stormbound for 4 days during the trip and saw nobody for 10 days straight on the exposed southern coast we had some real challenging conditions around Cape Christian and Farewell.

    We managed to climb two new routes of 300m and 700m these were graded HVS and E1.

    olly 2

    The team would like to thank

    Welsh sports association, BMC and The Gino Watkins Award for financial support.

    Mountain Equipment, Palm Equipment, Werner paddles and P&H Kayaks and DMM.

    Also Wild West beef jerky ,Cotswold Camping and A to Z expeditions for food.


    There will be a more detailed report and further photos from Olly soon

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