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    Product Development

    GORE-TEX products with ePE membrane | The evolution of a revolution

    4 Min

    Mountain Equipment Oreus Jacket Wins ISPO Award for Outstanding Performance

    1 Min

    Tested To Extremes: GORE-TEX Products, Mountain Equipment and The Scottish Avalanche Information Service Partnership

    8 Min

    46 years and counting: Mountain Equipment and GORE-TEX

    3 Min

    Temperature Ratings Explained

    8 Min

    The lowdown on windproofness and air permeability

    2 Min

    The Development of Firestorm: the Birth of the Kryos, Xeros and Exo

    7 Min

    Where Craft Meets Practice

    2 Min

    The Devil is in the Detail | Waterproof Design

    2 Min

    What Is an R Value? | The New Standard Test for Sleeping Mats

    2 Min
    • Camping,
    • R Value,
    • Sleeping Mats

    Trace your down

    What is the DOWN CODEX code?

    Click here to get a demo code and trace