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    Mountain Equipment ceases sourcing Russian goose down

    For the past ten years we have sourced our goose down from a farming group located in South-Western Russia, buying it through a German wholesaler. Throughout that time, we have been continuously impressed with both the animal welfare standards and the quality of down we received. Indeed, following Down Codex audits, animal welfare had further improved at the farms, as had the facilities at the slaughterhouse. It was a model example of how down should be sourced and how farms could improve their standards over time.

    However, because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the on-going conflict, we have taken the decision to cease all commercial trading with Russian companies for the foreseeable future and this includes sourcing down. As such no further goose down of Russian origin will be purchased.

    As part of efforts to integrate the RDS 3.0 standard into DOWN CODEX® (see news report 14/02/22), we had already begun the process of identifying alternative, certified, sources of goose down and as such the decision to cease sourcing from Russia will have no impact on our manufacturing capacity.

    Please note that due to the length of time in advance that our products are manufactured, prior to their arrival on the market, some of our products available to buy during the winter of 2022 and early 2023 may contain Goose Down of Russian origin.

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