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    Ukrainian White Duck Down 90-10 700

    Unfortunately due to the on-going security issues currently being experienced within certain parts of Ukraine use of this supply-chain ceased before a full DOWN CODEX® audit could be carried out.

    Whilst we have received written assurance from our down wholesaler and are confident in the integrity and quality of the supply it has not been possible to verify the standards insisted upon under the terms of our DOWN CODEX® scheme.

    It does NOT affect all products – only an isolated number of products which can be identified by their unique production code number. You can find this number on the wash-care label inside the jacket. Only products with the number 1008AW 16/03 are affected.

    Therefore should you be un-happy with this lack of audit information please get in touch with us directly and we will be happy to swap your jacket for one from a fully audited source.

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