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Lightweight and ultra-compressible Helium fabrics are the perfect choice for any product where weight and bulk are a prime concern. Their densely woven structure and use of fine denier yarns ensures these fabrics are down-proof, tear-resistant and highly breathable.

Helium 30

Weighing as little as 30g/m², Helium 30 combines fine denier yarns and a high thread count to create a fabric that is exceptionally light, compressible and breathable. Its densely woven construction ensures the highest levels of down-proofing, wind resistance and resistance to heat loss.

Helium 50

Weighing as little as 50g/m², Helium 50 uses densely woven mid denier yarns to create a fabric that is both soft, strong and low in weight. It is down-proof, wind resistant and exceptionally breathable. Go back to the top