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Synthetic insulation works best when you need it the most. It thrives in bad conditions, where its superior water resistance and real-life durability are most important. We've been working with it for 50 years, and have repeatedly innovated in this area, from the introduction of hollow fill insulations to the use of continuous filament insulations.

While down insulation grabs the headlines for its warmth to weight ratio, loft and comfort, synthetic insulation’s superior route-proof nature means it will keep working when most down insulated stuff have given up and gone home. This is why it’s an essential part of our range and a crucial part in any alpinist’s gear cupboard. Stamping your feet at the belay and windmilling your arms to get the blood following as the snow pours down, this is where synthetics earn their keep.

Polarloft® insulations are sourced by Mountain Equipment from many of the world’s best insulation providers. We consider literally hundreds of options before deciding on the best possible material for the intended application. Synthetic insulations have many different factors which must be considered when choosing the right material. Warmth to weight ratio is the obvious one, but there is also handle, stiffness, durability, slickness, loft, recycled content and other environmental considerations, and water resistance. We’ve cut the middleman out and have incorporated only the best possible options into our Polarloft® group of insulations.

Most of our Polarloft® insulations are sheet waddings. These provide the greatest weather resistance but are not as soft as our Polarloft® Featherless insulation. Polarloft® Featherless is blown into baffles in a garment in the same way that down garments are filled. Featherless offers greater loft and comfort than sheet insulations and moves much better with the body, making it more wearable and adaptable.

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