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Polartec Thermal Pro

Polartec® Thermal Pro® provides increased warmth and comfort by creating more air pockets across the fabric to trap heat and balance breathability. This plush appearance enhances performance while reducing the weight of the fabric.

The key to this fabric's performance is in its unique construction. An open-mesh stitch promotes compressibility, increases airflow, and minimizes weight. Low density, high loft pile face and back minimize weight yet increase warmth and compressibility. The fabric maintains its loft wear after wear for enduring warmth. Fabrics are at least 20% warmer per weight than standard fleece. Polartec® Thermal Pro® offers exceptional compressibility—up to 40% more than standard fleece. It takes up less space in your backpack, so you can travel lighter and faster, or perhaps in more comfort, with space for additional items. Go back to the top