Mountain Hood

Topping out from an exhausting climb into a ferocious storm is no place to discover that your hood doesn’t fit or is difficult to adjust, and not all hoods are created equal.

The art of effective hood design epitomises the balance to be struck between function and form. It is why we have devoted a huge amount of time and effort into ensuring that exceptional protection, visibility and mobility is at the heart of every one of our hood designs. All are proven to perform in the most hostile weather conditions and all are a reason why so many insist on our jackets.

Each of our three sizes of hood, all share the same basic design philosophy. Each is engineered around a twin-hoop adjustment principle to control cranium and facial volume. The cranium ‘hoop’ ensuring that hood volume is controlled at the widest and most efficient point of the head and the other ‘hoop’ controlling facial volume. Crucially this facial ‘hoop’ is secured at the temple on either side of the head and is not fully circular. This prevents hood distortion across the fore-head, controls peak angle and improves hood stability. Other adjustment methods exist, but none provide the same range of adjustment that these systems combined can, ensuring our hoods will fit better with or without a climbing helmet.

Each also shares our triple-layered, laminated and wired visor construction, engineered to retain its form and function better in the most difficult conditions. Hidden behind the clean lines of its exterior face lies its real secret, a concealed inner film protecting a malleable stiffening wire that is attached directly into the front seam edge using our own manufacturing process to create our acclaimed visor – one which forms a naturally strong arc when under tension and yet doesn’t flatten in violent winds to offer unhindered front and peripheral vision.

Finally we haven’t forgotten about the need for you to be able to fine-tune your hood fit on-the-move. All adjusters, whether concealed or exposed are positioned so that they are intuitive to find, even when wearing goggles or grasping toggles with gloved hands.

Designed primarily for those who do not expect to be wearing a climbing helmet, but who do require the very best protection for mountain storms. It offers a smaller over-crown measurement when compared with our Mountain HC hood and also a smaller cranium volume to ensure a precise and secure over-head fit.