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    • Amelie Kühne

      Mountain Equipment Team Meet, Llanberis Pass.

    Amelie is a natural in the mountains, at home on everything from bold trad routes to big Alpine objectives, summer or winter.

    For the first time at the age of 16, I stood underneath the North Face of the “Cima Grande” in the Dolomites. Together with my brother David I wanted to climb the Hasse-Brandler, one of the great Alpine classics, which runs through the middle of this impressive wall. We were both fascinated by the challenge and the adventure that would await us. As we started to climb , we really lived the moment and didn't let anything get in our way. Together, length after length, we climbed higher and higher, left the steep and airy overhangs behind us and finally reached the summit late in the evening, exhausted but overjoyed. We had once again pushed our limits and made something that seemed impossible possible: A moment I will never forget again.

    For me that's what climbing and mountaineering is all about : experiencing the unknown and the freedom especially in the choice of tours, where there are no limits to the creativity or the chosen line, together in a team.

    I am Amelie Kühne, 21 years old. I grew up in a little village near Heilbronn, a place that is not exactly close to the mountains. Together with my parents and my two brothers, we have been going to the mountains on vacations or weekends since we were little. Whether it was skiing, ice and mixed climbing in the winter or multipitch and sport climbing in the summer. We were never short of ideas. During the week I was busy with all other sports than climbing: Triathlon, swimming, soccer, horseback riding,..., there is hardly a sport that I left out.

    At the age of twelve, I joined a youth group in our climbing gym for the first time. I started climbing regional and soon after also international competitions. What I loved about competitions are the different challenges that athletes must face in a certain time. Everything from creativity to strength and will is required. But my path took another turn.

    After graduating high school, I quit competition climbing and turned back mountaineering. In 2020, I was then accepted into the German Expedition Team. Right now we are planning an expedition to Greenland later this year. The mountains and the associated travel have become an essential part of my life. I no longer can imagine life without them.

    Llanberis Pass, Mountain Equipment Team Meet.

    The routes that mean the most

    “Grande Cima”: Hasse-Brandler (7a+; 580m), Dolomites

    One of my first big tours with my brother. He was 18, I was 16 years old. When we had an accident the day before with our little brother while climbing and had to carry him off the mountain to the hospital, we were undecided whether we really wanted to do the tour. But the weather forecast and our motivation spoke strongly in favor of it. Finally we went and everything went great.

    Lower Sharpnose Point: Coronary Country E7 6b, Cornwall

    A beautiful line of an impressive one month trip to England, which I did as a ground-up ascent.

    Black Beauty (8a; 10 pitches)

    My first difficult multi-pitch route, which demanded not only physical but also mental strength. A fantastic feeling when it really works out.

    Peuterey Integral, the longest ridge in the Alps

    A tour where I had to struggle with all kinds of problems right from the start, so in the morning of the second day, out of three and a half, I was already totally exhausted and so the others went ahead most of the time. The tour has remained in my memory perhaps not very positive but it has shown that you have to listen much more to your own body.

    Mont Blanc ski ascent

    I was 15 when a friend in the climbing gym asked me if I wanted to do a ski tour on Mont Blanc with them over the weekend. The weather was great and I agreed right away. So on Friday after school we went to Chamonix in an eight-hour car ride. On Sunday we reached the summit, had a super ski run, got into the car and were back at school in time for class on Monday, where we already dreamed of the next adventure.

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