The most beautiful job in the world?

Becoming a Mountain Guide | Susi Süßmeier

‘The most beautiful job in the world? To be out in the mountains. To do what others pay money for, and earn money in the process. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? But what do you have to do for it? And does the fun really come without a down side?'


In this 4-part series, certified IFMGA mountain and ski guide Susi Süßmeier introduces us to (for her) the most beautiful job in the world.


Cover image by Boris Textor.


Part 1: Who is allowed to guide?

Part 2: The other side of the coin

Part 3: Insights

Part 4: Tips and advice

As a child I learned to ski from my parents and went hiking with them. As a teenager I enjoyed many sports, and at some point I started climbing. Climbing is a great sport, you are usually in beautiful places in the great outdoors together with friends. It is a togetherness in all facets, you need each other to for belaying and safety, you can give each other tips, and you are happy for each other when you achieve.  


During my studies I had the opportunity to train as a “Tyrolean mountain guide”. I sometimes financed my studies by leading alpine crossings and hikes for a tourist association. In my private life I found more and more pleasure in all different mountain sports disciplines and was lucky enough to be included in the expedition team of the German Alpine Club. In 2016, I easily had all the tours that you had to complete to prove your skills before the mountain guide entrance exam. Since I really enjoyed guiding hiking, it made sense to expand my area of ​​expertise. In 2021 I completed my training as a state-certified mountain and ski guide.


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