Sleeping Bags
This sleeping bag buying guide is designed to help you navigate the sometimes tricky decisions involved in buying a Sleeping Bag. In this guide we’ll cover everything from temperature ratings and weight, the difference between Down and Synthetic insulation, to our specific fits and Sleeping Bag ranges.
Sleeping Mats
The best sleeping mats are warm, comfortable, lightweight, pack down small, and are reliable: they are every bit as essential as a good sleeping bag.
The traditional layering system comprises several layers which can be worn separately or in combination to allow you to regulate your comfort when the weather or how hard you’re working changes.
This guide aims to highlight the key aspects of glove design, what pair might be best for your needs, specific features of Mountain Equipment gloves, and how to care for your gloves in the long term.
Ski Touring
Dressing for ski touring is best approached with the same mind-set as mountaineering, where lightweight, comfortable, and adaptable layering systems trump the very protective but heavy and cumbersome clothing usually used for piste skiing.
Scottish Layering Guide
Layering clothing for Scottish winter climbing is really difficult. Very changeable weather and stop/start activities like climbing and belaying mean that clothing has a really hard job to keep you warm and comfortable.
Soft Shell
Soft shell clothing is more windproof than fleece clothing and more breathable than waterproof clothing. Its windproofness, stretch and durability makes soft shell ideal for use in the mountains but ‘soft shell’ is a broad term, covering everything from featherweight fabrics to burly and butch ones so it can be a bit confusing.