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    • Equipment

      Our packs, sleeping bags and sleeping mats follow the same philosophy as our clothing. Built for purpose and with the best materials to help you reach your objective.

    Packs & Kitbags

    The ideal pack should have exactly what you need, and precisely nothing more. With a range of features and sizes, we can give you the perfect pack for your adventure.

    Photo by Uisdean Hawthorn

    Sleeping Bags

    Nothing is more important than a good nights sleep, especially when you have big objectives the next day. Our range of down and synthetic sleeping bags are perfectly crafted to handle the most extreme environments.

    Photo by Felix Bulb

    Sleeping Mats

    Your sleeping mat is just as important as your bag when ensuring your getting a good nights sleep. Insulating you from the ground and providing comfort so you can be at your best for the next days objective.

    Photo by Silvan Metz

    Buying Guides

    Trace your down

    What is the DOWN CODEX code?

    Click here to get a demo code and trace