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      Glacier Sleeping Bags

      Bugaboos, Canada

    Best in class

    Developed specifically to be best in class, the Glacier Men's and Women's bags offer true all-round performance and protection for unreliable conditions. Whether you are on a 3-week tent-based trek in the Himalaya, hauling a pulk across the Greenland icecap or mountaineering in the Cascades there is a Glacier bag for almost every mountain and cold weather adventure.

    Built Better

    The Glacier range is exceptionally versatile. If you want to buy one sleeping bag to do everything with, then these are a great choice. The range itself covers the widest range of conditions of any of our bags. The lightest bag is rated to -0°C/32°F, while the warmest is designed for Polar conditions.

    Glacier bags can cope with many years of intense use, and with a verstalile feature set, including water resistant fabrics that shed condensation, snow, or spilled drinks, these bags are ideal for mountaineering and backpacking across the seasons.

    Features | Fill

    Down is a unique and exceptional insulation. It is more compressible, longer-lasting, and offers better warmth for its weight than any other fibrous insulation, achieving this through a structure that traps maximum still air while weighing as little as possible. All of Mountain Equipment’s down is a by-product of the meat industry, sourced from geese and ducks. The down is removed from the birds at slaughter and processed to make it clean, hygienic and fluffy.

    700 Fill Power Duck Down

    Our premium Duck down sourced from either within Europe or from China. With a cluster content of at least 90% and tested in individual batches to ensure a minimum fill power of 700. Some of the finest duck down available in the world and all DOWN CODEX® approved.


    In 2009 Mountain Equipment became one of the first outdoor brands to introduce independent auditing of our down supply chain. Quietly introduced, without fanfare or press-releases, DOWN CODEX® set out to understand an industry and supply-chain that was largely ignored and certainly little understood.

    All products contain a code that can be entered into our DOWN CODEX® website to trace the down that they contain. Not only can you identify the source of your down but the audit relating to that source and the down batch test results can also be viewed.

    Features | Fit

    The fit of a sleeping bag is crucial in optimising performance. A well-fitting sleeping bag is not only highly comfortable it also reduces dead air space and maximises thermal efficiency.

    • Alpine Fit 2.0 (Men's and Women's 300, 450, 700 & 1000 models)

      Slightly more tapered in the upper body and in the legs than our Mountain Fit, our Alpine Fit maximises thermal performance while minimising weight.

    • Expedition Fit (Men's and Women's Expedition models)

      A more generous fit that’s both longer and wider, these bags afford greater comfort when used for longer periods of time but also enable additional clothing to be worn or stored inside the bag more easily.

    Features | Fabric

    Fabric technology is advancing all the time and we continually seek out those fabrics that offer the lowest weight, maximum breathability, compressibility and comfort.

    • Drilite® Loft 30D

      Drilite® Loft 30D (also known as Drilite® Loft II) is our time-tested and most durable iteration of Drilite® Loft, borne from years of development work and countless hours of user testing. It is the ideal fabric for clothing and sleeping bags destined for serious mountaineering, climbing, and backpacking in difficult conditions. Weighing 55g/m2 and with its 1500mm hydrostatic head it is ideal for protecting high quality down and synthetic insulations.

    • Supersoft 20D

      The inside of the Glacier bags are all lined with 100% recycled Supersoft 20D lining fabric with a fluorocarbon free DWR, chosen for its breathability and durability.

    Good Night's Sleep Guarantee

    Every Mountain Equipment sleeping bag comes with a separate ‘A Good Night’s Sleep Guaranteed’ temperature rating.

    Glacier 300: -1°C/30°F
    Glacier 450: -9°C/16°F
    Glacier 700: -13°C/9°F
    Glacier 1000: -21°C/-6°F
    Glacier Expedition: -35°C/-31°F

    Glacier 300 Women's: -1°C/30°F
    Glacier 450 Women's: -8°C/18°F
    Glacier 700 Women's: -13°C/9°F
    Glacier 1000 Women's: -21°C/-6°F
    Glacier Expedition Women's: -35°C/-31°F

    Features | Baffles

    Baffle structure is crucial to the performance of down sleeping bags. Without it, even the best quality down will not loft and insulate to its full potential. Baffles affect a sleeping bag’s durability, weight, and the migration of down inside them – they are the building blocks from which sleeping bags are made.

    Our neck baffles and entry-zip baffles are vital in reducing the ‘chimney effect’ of hot air flowing out of the sleeping bag’s openings, and are also useful in reducing the ‘bellows effect’ of the movement of a restless sleeper pumping warm air from the bag.

    • Horizontal 14:7 trapezoid baffles

      14:7 trapezoid baffles are a premium construction method for exceptional sleeping bags. They offer excellent overlap of baffles, reducing thermal bridges and the associated conductive heat loss. This means less down is required to keep you warm, especially under prolonged use. In trapezoid 14:7 baffles, side-walls form the ‘magic angle’ that maximises strength and stability to offer excellent down control and loft. Trapezoid baffles are lighter in weight than V baffles and offer excellent down control.

    • Lode Lock™ collar closure

      Our Lode Lock™ collar closure with its low profile auto-locating closure combines all the advantages of a magnetic fastener with those of a mechanical lock. Rendering the traditional press-stud collar closure practically obsolete, its one handed quick release closure uses two captivated internal magnets to draw the locking mechanism together and ensure that once connected it cannot be accidentally opened. The result is an insulated collar that is more efficient and easier to operate. The collar’s down density is optimised so it moves with the user and contours to the body, while captive and elasticated drawcords ensure easy adjustment.

    • Gemini™ zip baffle

      Our Gemini™ baffle is found throughout almost our entire line of sleeping bags. It is a unique zip baffle system which replaces the bulky, down hungry twin draft tubes used traditionally on cold weather bags. The Gemini™ system is light, efficient, low bulk and supremely protective. It is grown on to the sidewalls of the sleeping bag: the integrated zip baffle utilises a continuous V-baffle system paired with a shaped and stiffened underside. With a greater contact area than a traditional tubular set-up, heat loss by convection is significantly reduced and radiative heat loss minimised. Tested through every step of its development, it eliminates heat loss almost entirely and at a fraction of the weight and bulk of more traditional methods.

    Features | Hood and Foot Piece

    The head loses a lot of heat and is very sensitive to changes in temperature, making good hood design crucial to the performance of any sleeping bag. A good hood will also keep the neck warm and reduce the ‘chimney effect’ of hot air escaping the body of the sleeping bag.

    Cold feet can spell the end of a comfortable night’s sleep or even the end of an expedition and we have unrivalled experience in designing innovative sleeping bag foot pieces. By controlling the down in a sleeping bag, the foot is kept warmer, and ensuring the foot piece fits perfectly around the lower body is crucial.

    • DC5 Hood

      A 5 baffle hood that provides high levels of down control, low weight and excellent insulation. Its roominess imparts excellent versatility and, combined with the easy-run dual tether draw cords, superb comfort.

    • Trapezium 6

      A six baffle foot piece, our most advanced design, and featuring both our Bulls Eye™ Technology and offset Sharks Toe™ foot constructions. Its highly sophisticated baffle system maximises thermal efficiency for the coldest and most demanding environments, ensuring warm feet night after night.

    Get some sleep, tomorrow is a big day

    Perfectly adapted, the Mountain Equipment range of synthetic and down filled sleeping bags are the choice of today’s leading alpinists and arctic explorers. Ensuring comfort, protection and reliable warmth in the most extreme of environments. 100% of our down is Down Codex® approved and comes from independently audited and traceable sources.

    Trace your down

    What is the DOWN CODEX code?

    Click here to get a demo code and trace