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    • Independently Audited

      All our supply chains are independently audited to ensure welfare and quality standards are met. Auditing a supply chain involves visiting all aspects of that supply chain – the processing facilities, the slaughterhouses and, of course, the farms. We are committed to transparency and publish summaries of our supply chains and their certifications and our quality control reports online.

    Independent audits are a cornerstone of DOWN CODEX® and are carried out annually. We are a Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified brand, and our entire supply chain is audited according to RDS. Typically, these audits are carried out ‘announced’ but may happen ‘unannounced’ occasionally. Sometimes, Mountain Equipment employees have accompanied auditors for fact-finding purposes, but we do not carry out the audits ourselves.

    Audits are designed to address the rules and standards of DOWN CODEX® and provide a framework that ensures that animal welfare standards are verified in each part of the supply chain. This involves not only verifying the practices in use at each stage of the supply chain but also ensuring that a chain of custody exists from one stage to another. This ensures that the certified down is the only down that makes it into our products.

    Down supply chains can be complex, but once they are mapped out, the auditors will visit either every part of the supply chain or a representative sample, depending on the scale and complexity of the supply chain.

    The audits cover a broad range of criteria. Still, under Responsible Down Standard audits, failures to meet specific standards will result in an immediate failure (for example, any evidence of live plucking, live harvesting, or force-feeding). A broad range of other criteria that contribute towards the overall welfare of the bird are also considered; some of these are mandatory and must be met, while others might be optional or recommended. The audit also seeks to educate and enlighten suppliers on best practices by demonstrating a range of criteria beyond the principle rules.

    Audits extend beyond the farms and slaughterhouses, too. Our down wholesalers are audited, our factories who make our garments and equipment are audited, and our office and warehousing facilities are audited to ensure that we know precisely what down has been used in our products.

    In addition to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) audits, we work only with supply chains recommended to us by our down wholesalers and who meet additional requirements regarding transparency and information sharing.

    Trace Your Down

    You can find your 12 Digit code printed on the DOWN CODEX® stamped label inside of your product.

    Simply enter this via the link below to access to specific information relating to the down in your product.

    Trace your down

    What is the DOWN CODEX code?

    Click here to get a demo code and trace