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    Our Guarantee

    Everything we make is fully guaranteed to the original purchaser against defects in components, materials and workmanship for the reasonable life of the product. If the product is found to be defective before use, or fails during use for one of these reasons we will repair or replace it at our own discretion.

    This does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidents or inappropriate use. It does not cover any claims for consequential losses nor does it affect your statutory rights as a consumer that may vary from country to country.

    What should I do next?

    The product should be returned to the retail store or website from where it was purchased. If returning the product directly to us, please ensure the product is in a clean and hygienic condition and enclose a covering letter detailing the nature of the fault and a copy of your receipt. We regret that we are unable to process any guarantee claim without proof of purchase.

    If you are in any doubt please contact

    All products returned to us will be inspected by one of our garment or equipment technicians. Should we determine that any fault is as a result of a defect in materials, components or workmanship we will then arrange for the product to be repaired or replaced.

    What does the term ‘reasonable life’ mean?

    We define reasonable life as the time a product could have been reasonably expected to last when subjected to normal wear for its intended use. It is not indefinite and our decision is final. By its very nature our assessment of what is reasonable life is open to some interpretation but we feel it is the fairest method by which to guarantee our products.

    As a guide, the majority of our products should be expected to last anywhere between 3 and 5 years, longer in the case of some products such as packs and certain sleeping bags and considerably less if used professionally or continuously on expeditions etc.

    For more information on the life and care of your product, visit our Product Care & Repairs pages.

    What should I do if I have lost my receipt?

    Our guarantee is only applicable to the original purchaser so we do require proof of purchase. If you are unable to provide this, some other form of evidence may be acceptable, such as a bank statement.

    Are you able to provide me with a refund?

    Unless you bought a product directly from us, we are unable to provide refunds. You should speak with the retailer or website from whom it was purchased.

    Please see our Returns Policy for products purchased directly from us.

    Upgrade your sleeping bag for up to 30 days - A Good Nights Sleep Guarantee

    In addition to our standard guarantee we offer an additional guarantee for anyone purchasing a Mountain Equipment sleeping bag. This guarantee is applicable for 30 days from date of purchase or from date of receipt.

    Should you decide that the sleeping bag you’ve purchased is not as warm as you’d expected it to be we’ll upgrade your bag, if one is available, to one of a warmer specification.

    You are responsible for returning the bag to us and for paying any difference in cost between the bag originally purchased and any upgrade. Please contact to discuss.

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