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    • Size Guides

      Matt Glenn, Aiguille du Fou

    Using Size Guides

    The charts below give measurements of your body that the garments of each size are designed to fit.The sizing of the garments makes allowance for whether they are close fitting or not and what they are designed to be worn with.

    Measuring your body [for clothing]

    Take measurements wearing only baselayers/light clothing. The tape should be tight but not restrictive.
    1) With a tape measure, measure your chest at the fullest part, keeping the tape horizontal.
    2) Measure your waist at the narrowest point above the pelvis keeping the tape horizontal.
    3) (For women) With your feet shoulder width apart, measure your hips at the fullest point while keeping the tape horizontal.

    Measuring your hand [for gloves]

    With your palm face up, measure the circumference of your hand at the widest point, excluding your thumb and with your fingers in a relaxed position. The tape should be tight but not restrictive.

    Measuring for Vest Packs

    For vest packs, measure your torso around your lower ribs.

    Men's Clothing

    Women's Clothing


    Trace your down

    What is the DOWN CODEX code?

    Click here to get a demo code and trace