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      Tupilak Vest Packs

      Matt Glenn, South Ridge of the Diablon des Dames, Zinal, Switzerland

    A technical vest pack for fast moving mountain days across the seasons; as stable and light as a running pack and as rugged and functional as a climbing pack. The Tupilak Vest Pack treads the line between technical climbing and mountain running.

    The Tupilak Vest Pack has been developed over the course of more than a dozen prototypes, in close collaboration with some of the world's best mountain runners. It's been designed to offer something unique, with an exceptionally stable carry load, outstanding durability, and a set of features suitable for everything from mountain running, to big climbing days and enchainments.

    Behind the design

    'Our aim was to create something that combines the ruggedness of a climbing pack with the form-hugging stability of a running vest, a piece of equipment intended for moving quickly in the mountains. Tested throughout development by some of the finest climbers and runners around, their feedback helped us refine every detail; from the compression wings that stabilise the load to the simple to use tool stowage and convenient access points. Sharing the same custom fabrics as our iconic Tupilak packs – with proven durability over countless ascents along with highly breathable stretch meshes on the contact areas.'

    David Wallace, Senior Equipment Designer, Mountain Equipment.

    Only what you need

    Designed with the principles of alpine minimalism in mind, we believe the ideal pack should be exactly what you need, and precisely nothing more.

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