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    • Glacier Expedition Women's
    • Glacier Expedition Women's

    Glacier Expedition Women's

    Regular price £630.00
    An ideal bag for Polar expeditions. Incredibly warm and one of only a handful of bags to make use of our roomier Expedition fit, it is well suited to nights on ice.
    • Ideal for: Mountaineering, Expedition & Polar
    • Weight: 2080g/4 lbs 9oz (Regular), 2170g/4 lbs 13 oz (Long)
    • Thermometer
      Good Night's Sleep Temperature: -35°C/-31°F
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    Glacier Expedition Women's

    From Himalayan basecamps to Polar research tents, the Glacier Expedition offers extreme warmth and comfort in some of the coldest conditions on Earth.

    From Himalayan basecamps to Polar research tents, the Glacier Expedition offers extreme warmth and comfort in some of the coldest conditions on Earth.

    Using 1478g of minimum 700 fill power DOWN CODEX-approved duck down and a lightweight and water resistant 30-denier DRILITE® LOFT™ outer fabric with recycled face, the Glacier Expedition is both exceptionally warm and able to withstand heavy use on long and demanding trips.

    Trapezoid baffles across the top of the bag ensure optimal loft, reduce cold spots and prevent down migration, while at the foot of the bag a six-baffle system focuses warmth around your feet—essential when spending extended time in dangerously cold climates. In the hood, a five-baffle system ensures the down is optimally distributed for warmth and protection over long-term use.

    Inside the bag, our time-tested EXL® elasticated stitching system minimises dead airspace, reduces drafts, and pulls the liner fabric away from the down allowing it to loft effectively for maximum warmth. Meanwhile, a full-length Gemini™ entry zip baffle practically eliminates heat loss in this vulnerable area and is stiffened so it won’t catch in the zip. The low-profile magnetic Lode Lock™ closure and collar drawcords are effective and easy to use in the dark.

    Our Glacier Expedition Women’s bag has a roomy women’s-specific Expedition fit for comfortable sleeping on long trips and for accommodating extra clothing when necessary.

    With a Good Night’s Sleep Temperature of -35oC (31oF) the Glacier Expedition is the ideal bag for Polar conditions and high altitude expeditions.

    Technical details

    Temperature ratings

    For our Expedition bags, we don't give Comfort, Limit or Extreme limits, as the ISO 23537 test excludes the testing of “extreme climate zone expedition” sleeping bags, or bags which have a measured limit temperature colder than -24 °C.


    • DRILITE® LOFT™ outer fabric with recycled face is lightweight, breathable and water resistant, and with FC free DWR
    • 1478g of 90-10 Pure Duck Down with a minimum fill power of 700
    • Women's Expedition fit with zoned EXL system is roomier for additional clothing
    • Trapezoid baffles and slanted box-wall baffles
    • Mid-level side seams
    • 5 baffle anatomically shaped hood
    • 6 baffle anatomically shaped and offset foot-box
    • Full length Gemini zip baffle with 140cm zip and integrated collar with Lode Lock closure
    • DRILITE® LOFT 30D fabric extends into hood and collar for increased water resistance
    • Supplied with waterproof roll-top stuff-sack and storage cube
    • Built to last. Backed up by our Product Lifetime Guarantee
    • Designed and developed in the UK. Manufactured by a Fair Wear Foundation audited factory in China

    Wash & Care




    • Store uncompressed in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight 

    Our Guarantee

    Everything we make is fully guaranteed to the original purchaser against defects in components, materials and workmanship for the reasonable life of the product. If the product is found to be defective before use, or fails during use for one of these reasons we will repair or replace it at our own discretion. Find out more.

    So confident are we that our sleeping bags will keep your warm and comfortable, that in addition to the EN13537/ISO23537 laboratory ratings we quote, every Mountain Equipment sleeping bag comes with a separate ‘A Good Night’s Sleep Guaranteed’ temperature rating.


    Choosing the right sleeping bag

    A fitful night’s sleep is no preparation for the big day ahead. Sleeping bags can make the difference between a comfortable sleep and suffering through the night.

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