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    • Sleeping bag - Single Zip Slider Replacement

    Sleeping bag - Single Zip Slider Replacement

    Regular price £20.00
    Replace the zip slider on your sleeping bag.
    Repair Time 6 Weeks
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    Sleeping bag - Single Zip Slider Replacement

    • If the zip on your sleeping bag is not working we can replace the zip slider.
    • Unfortunately we can't replace a full zip so if the teeth of the zip are broken we can't repair it.
    • This service is only available for UK customers currently and we can only repair Mountain Equipment products.
    • Please wash your product before sending them to us. We cannot repair dirty products, so if the product we receive is dirty, it will either be sent back or you can pay for a wash.
    • We cannot wash damaged insulated items. If your insulated item needs to be repaired and is dirty, please spot clean the damaged area.

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