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    • Tent + Gear Repel UV 500ml

    Tent + Gear Repel UV 500ml

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    Designed to increase the water repellence of outdoor gear and equipment with the added benefit of UV protection, Tent + Gear Repel UV is ideal for use on products like tents and backpacks.
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    Tent + Gear Repel UV 500ml

    Tent + Gear Repel UV increases the water repellence of any waterproof or water resistant fabric while providing a UV protective layer. The spray-on application is easy to use, requires no washing machine, and allows the user to target particular parts of a product. To be used on fabrics which are already clean (for example cleaned with Grangers Tent + Gear Cleaner).


    • Treatment for increasing water repellence and beading
    • Provides UV protection to a fabric
    • Suitable for us on all outdoor fabrics
    • Easy spray-on application
    • Water-based product

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