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There is never a good-time to be carrying more than you should but equally hunting for that head-torch just as it’s about to go dark isn’t much fun either. Our packs are designed to be as light as practically possible from the off but built with the functionality that alpinists require.


The Right Size For The Job

What size of pack you choose is personal. But whether you want the smallest pack for accessible ice-fall climbing or multi pitch rock, the most versatile for lightweight summer alpine ventures or the largest for winter alpinism and remote multi-day objectives our packs have been optimised to carry all the essentials and carry them well.

Find Your Perfect Pack Size

Tupilak 30+

The smallest and lightest of our durable, highly weather-resistant yet lightweight Tupilak series. Ideal for the most minimalist of alpinists and those climbing more accessible routes.

Tupilak 37+

Rewarding the minimalist focussed alpinist with arguably our finest all-round pack. This durable, highly weather-resistant yet lightweight climbing and mountaineering pack is perfect for summer alpine and winter climbing on the steepest lines.

Tupilak 45+

The largest of our Tupilak series, this durable, highly weather-resistant yet lightweight climbing pack is optimised for alpine and winter climbing on the steepest lines and biggest faces.

Custom Made

Fabrics & components

At the heart of any lightweight, durable, functional and weather resistant pack are its materials. How a pack carries, how a pack copes with abrasion, how it responds to heavy rain or snow and how you are able to interact with it, open it, attach things to it are all directly affected by the materials and components it is made from.

PACT™ Fabrics

Painstakingly developed over the course of three years our exclusive PACT™ fabrics are the result of a long journey to engineer the best pack fabrics available from the ground up. So many of our own experiences have shown fabrics to either be too heavy, too light or lacking the robustness to truly be considered suitable for alpine climbing.

Pact 300

Using 300 denier yarns and weighing 177g/m² this is our strongest, most abrasion and puncture resistant yet pliable PACTTM fabric. A single layer is used throughout the main body of our Tupilak packs with a double layer providing additional reinforcement and structure in the base. It is also used in strategic areas for additional reinforcement.

Pact 100

Using 100 denier yarns and weighing 115g/m² this is the lightest PACTTM fabric. For its incredibly low weight it provides exceptional tensile strength but being lighter it is solely used in the upper body and Cowl of our Tupilak packs as well as internal roll-top closure. An uncoated version of this fabric is also used as an internal lining fabric.

Grappler™ Buckle

The Grappler™ is a durable, one-handed pack closure system. Its unique buckle design features an easy to grab ‘lobster tail’ and pincer hook which provides a fail-safe ‘grapple lock’ on to the cowl’s integrated webbing spine. Purposefully designed with an angled spine, the Grappler™ buckle lies flush against the top of the pack whilst remaining easy to release with or without gloved hands.

Hammerhead Side Compression Straps

Our Hammerhead side compression straps have been designed to be fully removable and low profile. At one end, a ‘Hammerhead’ retainer sits flush against daisy chain webbing whilst at the other, a simplified version of our Grappler™ buckle provides a secure yet quick release function.

On Demand

Minimalism & Functionality

Simple functionality should be the hallmark of any good alpine climbing pack. There is never a good-time to be carrying more than you should but equally hunting for that head-torch just as it’s about to go dark isn’t much fun either. Our packs are designed to be as light as practically possible from the off but built with the functionality that alpinists require. We also recognise that not every component is needed all of the time and so every pack has been designed with on demand components that can easily be removed or replaced as and when required.

Front and Rear Haul Loops

Two strong haul loops make hauling your pack on long multi-pitch climbs possible whilst providing a simple and effective method of securing your pack to belays.

Removable Back Panel

Our high density EVA foam back panel is light (105g) and most of the time we think you’ll be better off leaving it in place. But there are times when you may want to remove it. This could be for drying the pack out after a particularly wet day, to strip weight back to an absolute minimum or to replace it with a bivi pad.

Accessories Pocket

A ‘floating’ internal accessories pocket provides handy storage for on-the-move essentials such as snacks or a head-torch. Crucially it can be accessed from the outside (as well as the inside) providing access without being forced to enter the main body of the pack.

Removable Side Accessory / Compression Straps

The pack has been purposefully designed to be exceptionally stable either fully or partially loaded and as such the side compression straps provided are only really required if carrying poles or a sleeping mat. When you’re not they can be left off to save weight and prevent unwanted snagging.

Internal Weather-Proof Cowl

Welded to the main body, the internal weather-proof cowl is positioned such that it can help to stabilise a partially loaded pack and act as divider, allowing damp items such as mitts or climbing skins to be stored separately. The roll-top closure helps seal out spindrift etc. If not required it can easily be tucked inside the pack.

Removable Hip Fins

The thermo-moulded and bonded hip-fins provide crucial support when carrying heavy loads and again weigh very little (60g). Most of the time we think you’ll be glad of the extra support and comfort they provide but they are easily removed for when you don’t.

Shock-Cord System

Supplied with all packs. Our shock-cord system provides additional functionality for carrying items on the outside front of the pack such as crampons or a sleeping mat.

Removable Components

Sternum straps, ice axe toggles and shaft tethers can all be removed. Whilst you’re unlikely to save much weight it does give the peace of mind that all the components can be easily replaced should they be damaged or become worn.

Tried and tested

35 prototypes & 3 continents

Developed over the course of more than 3 years and refined through more than 35 prototypes. Every aspect of design and functionality has been individually tested and assessed by us, our pro partners and a hand-picked group of professional mountain guides.

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