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    As a member of EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Group) we are pleased to announce our nomination of the Mountain Wilderness – Obsolete Facilities project for 2015 funding.

    Mountain Wilderness organises clean up operations in the French Alps to remove obsolete facilities (such as disused ski lifts) and detritus left over from WW2. Overhead cables, pipes and sheeting present a huge threat to birds. Amphibians get stuck in abandoned pipes and ungulates (ibex, chamoix etc) are often found trapped in barbed wire or with foot and leg injuries. Live ammunition and abandoned shells are all scattered over vast areas, often hidden in winter by thick snow. These objects also present hidden dangers to thousands of hikers, skiers and snowshoers who cross the mountain landscapes each year. These 3 clean up operations will involve 180 volunteers, take place in 3 areas at the confluence of 3 National Parks covering over 30,000m2 of the Cerces Massif, habitat to several endangered species of birds such as gyapete barbu, and hopes to remove around 30,000kg of waste.

    Help us support this great project by taking 2 minutes to vote at –…/

    More information about this project at –


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