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    • Transalp

      TransAlp Sleeping Bag

      Photo by Silvan Metz.

    Efficiently sized, supremely packable

    A lightweight and environmentally conscious bag to help free up space on your travels. Perfect for overnights in huts or for trips further away from home.

    Built Better

    Comfortably sized and supremely packable , whether travelling on foot or on two wheels, TransAlp basg are ideal to take with you wherever you're going.

    Recycled fabrics and a high quality down filling ensure long-lasting performance.

    Features | Fill

    Down is a unique and exceptional insulation. It is more compressible, longer-lasting, and offers better warmth for its weight than any other fibrous insulation, achieving this through a structure that traps maximum still air while weighing as little as possible. All of Mountain Equipment’s down is a by-product of the meat industry, sourced from geese and ducks. The down is removed from the birds at slaughter and processed to make it clean, hygienic and fluffy.

    600 Fill Power Duck Down

    The TransAlp bag uses 130g of 80-20 Pure Duck Down with a minimum fill power of 600. DOWN CODEX® approved.


    In 2009 Mountain Equipment became one of the first outdoor brands to introduce independent auditing of our down supply chain. Quietly introduced, without fanfare or press-releases, DOWN CODEX® set out to understand an industry and supply-chain that was largely ignored and certainly little understood.

    All products contain a code that can be entered into our DOWN CODEX® website to trace the down that they contain. Not only can you identify the source of your down but the audit relating to that source and the down batch test results can also be viewed.



    The fit of a sleeping bag is crucial in optimising performance. A well-fitting sleeping bag is not only highly comfortable it also reduces dead air space and maximises thermal efficiency.

    The TransAlp uses our Mountain Fit to maximise thermal efficiency.


    Fabric technology is advancing all the time and we continually seek out those fabrics that offer the lowest weight, maximum breathability, compressibility and comfort.

    The TransAlp's 100% recycled Earthrise shell and lining fabrics are lightweight and downproof.


    Baffle structure is crucial to the performance of down sleeping bags. Without it, even the best quality down will not loft and insulate to its full potential. Baffles affect a sleeping bag’s durability, weight, and the migration of down inside them – they are the building blocks from which sleeping bags are made.

    The TransAlp bag uses a Stitch-Through narrow baffle top and Stitch-Through quilted base for lightweight comfort.

    Hood and Foot Piece

    The TransAlp features a 4 baffle anatomically shaped and offset foot-box, along with a Generous shaped hood.

    Good Night's Sleep Guarantee

    Every Mountain Equipment sleeping bag comes with a separate ‘A Good Night’s Sleep Guaranteed’ temperature rating.

    TransAlp: 8°C/46°F°

    Get some sleep, tomorrow is a big day

    Perfectly adapted, the Mountain Equipment range of synthetic and down filled sleeping bags are the choice of today’s leading alpinists and arctic explorers. Ensuring comfort, protection and reliable warmth in the most extreme of environments. 100% of our down is Down Codex® approved and comes from independently audited and traceable sources.

    Trace your down

    What is the DOWN CODEX code?

    Click here to get a demo code and trace