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    • Klimatic I, Klimatic II, Klimatic III

      Klimatic Sleeping Bags

      Photo by Thomas März

    Premium Synthetic Sleeping Bags

    Klimatics are premium synthetic sleeping bags made using recycled materials and with a feature set ideal for trips both near and far from home. Reliably warm, easy to care for, and able to cope with unpredictable conditions, these bags are ideal as a first performance sleeping bag or as a considerable upgrade.

    Built Better

    The Klimatic range are premium synthetic sleeping bags made using recycled materials, including 90% recycled Polarloft synthetic insulation. Their features are ideal for everything from remote backpacking trips to weekends away climbing.

    Reliably warm and easy to care for, they will keep working in the sort of damp, difficult conditions where even the best down insulated bags start to struggle.

    Features | Fill

    Synthetic insulations might all look similar to the untrained eye, but they vary greatly in their warmth, softness, compressibility, durability, water resistance and compression recovery. The warmer the synthetic sleeping bag, the more weight of synthetic insulation it has inside it, usually in the form of a greater number of layers of insulation and/or thicker layers of insulation.

    Our range of Polarloft® synthetic insulations used in our Sleeping bags are a result of scouring the globe for the best possible materials. They offer a fantastic blend of warmth, comfort, compressibility, and durability which is ideal for all but the most demanding situations.

    • 90% recycled Polarloft Synthetic Insulation

      With hollow core fibres, Polarloft synthetic insulation maxmises heat retention and compression resistance. This is used in a wave layer construction for even greater loft and heat retention within the bag.

    Features | Fit

    The fit of a sleeping bag is crucial in optimising performance. A well-fitting sleeping bag is not only highly comfortable it also reduces dead air space and maximises thermal efficiency.

    • Alpine Fit 2.0

      Slightly more tapered in the upper body and in the legs than our Mountain Fit this fit maximises thermal performance and minimises weight.

    Features | Fabric

    Fabric technology is advancing all the time and we continually seek out those fabrics that offer the lowest weight, maximum breathability, compressibility and comfort.

    • 100% recycled 20D Shell & Lining Fabric

      This fabric is comfortable, breathable to prevent moisture build up, and tough enough to survive prolonged use.

    Good Night's Sleep Guarantee

    Every Mountain Equipment sleeping bag comes with a separate ‘A Good Night’s Sleep Guaranteed’ temperature rating.

    Klimatic I: 4°C/39°F (Men's) 6°C/43°F (Women's)
    Klimatic II: -2°C/28°F (Men's) -1°C/30°F (Women's)
    Klimatic III: -6°C/21°F (Men's) -5°C/23°F (Women's)

    Get some sleep, tomorrow is a big day

    Perfectly adapted, the Mountain Equipment range of synthetic and down filled sleeping bags are the choice of today’s leading alpinists and arctic explorers. Ensuring comfort, protection and reliable warmth in the most extreme of environments. 100% of our down is Down Codex® approved and comes from independently audited and traceable sources.

    Trace your down

    What is the DOWN CODEX code?

    Click here to get a demo code and trace