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    • “The pursuit of a raw, no fuss, simple,
      lightweight approach to both mountaineering and life.”

      Tom Livingstone and Ella Wright, Beinn Eighe, Torridon.

    Our way of life

    Alpinism is more than just how we climb; it is about our entire approach, how we choose to live.

    Our values of simplicity, efficiency, honesty, self-responsibility; a deep respect for the mountains and for others connect us to other Alpinists, and to the world we climb, live and work in.

    The respect and reverence we have for each other as well as our natural playground is fundamental to Alpinism. Minimising our impact and our ethics matter. We’re on a journey to minimise that impact and enhance our world, leaving it in a better place than today for future generations.

    Our way forward

    'Mountain Equipment is an outdoor equipment company with more than sixty years of heritage, rooted in alpine-style climbing and an obsession for exploration of mountainous and wild places. The impact of climate change is already clear to see in these environments and there is an urgent need for us to take a leading role in reducing our contribution to what we now recognise is a climate and ecological emergency.

    We are at the beginning of a long climb to change the way we do business to achieve a better future. Thanks to the detailed work we are now undertaking on our whole footprint, we are starting to understand how we can get there.'

    Hamish Dunn, Brand Director, Mountain Equipment. Extract from Impact and Responsibility Report 2021.

    Beinn Eighe, Torridon, Scotland

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