DAV Expedition Teams

Onwards to new peaks...

Written on the flags of the German Alpine Club (DAV) Expedition Teams are the words "On to new peaks". The aim of the two and a half year long Expedition Team program is simple: to encourage a new generation of alpinists to explore unclimbed routes.

The first training expedition was announced in the early 1980s. The aim was to promote expedition and performance mountaineering, and to encourage DAV sections to undertake mountain trips abroad independently; in order to introduce young, ambitious mountaineers to the mountains of the world. The concept of the expedition team was launched in 1999, and the first team started a year later under the direction of trainer Jan Mersch.


For us, our partnership with the Men's and Women's DAV Expedition Teams represents a commitment to the next generation of alpinists. It is no surprise that many members of our own team, Susi Süßmeier, Raphaela Haug, and Martin Feistl, are themselves former members of DAV Expedition Teams.


What was your best experience as part of the DAV Expedition Team?

"Certainly the final expedition as a whole, but of course also individual summit experiences on the way there." Martin Feistl | 2018 Team


"For me there is not one experience, but a lot of experiences: sunrises, sunsets, cold nights, bad bivouacs, good burgers after the tour and and and ... I don't want to miss any of the experiences!" Raphaela Haug | 2019 Team


"It was a lot of great experiences! I particularly remember our training week in April 2015 in Chamonix, where we found perfect conditions and were able to do many long tours in rock, ice and snow. The trip to Tajikistan was a special experience too!" Susi Süßmeier | 2016 Team

What is the most important thing that you learned during your time with DAV?

"Humility and consequent pursuit of one's own ideals without becoming too blind to other ideas." Martin Feistl | 2018 Team


"I can't name one specific thing. Much more it was the entire two years that were special. Yes, maybe one thing: team spirit, harmony, friendship are more important than success. If everything is right, all the better. But if the first one If part is not there, there will be no success - at least for me. So it was of course all the better that everything worked out for us. " Raphaela Haug | 2019 Team


"I don't think there are 'most important' things for me. But technically I have certainly made good progress." Susi Süßmeier | 2016 Team

What made you first apply?

"For me it was a pragmatic decision, I hardly had any equipment or contacts to even approach​​ doing some climbing disciplines. The sponsorship and the many like-minded people have opened many doors for me on my way." Martin Feistl | 2018 Team


"I was excited about the idea of ​​going mountaineering with other girls. At the time, I was mostly out and about with men, and that's always a bit different." Raphaela Haug | 2019 Team


"To meet like-minded people! Since I don't come from a mountaineering community, it wasn't easy for me at first to find mountaineering partners with the same motivation. In the year before the squad, I was already on my way with two future squad girls (Franzi and Maria)." Susi Süßmeier | 2016 Team

Women’s DAV Expedition Team

Amelie Kühne, Caro Neukam, Luisa Deubzer, Lea Luithle, Janina Reichstein, and Rosa Windelband make up the 2020-2022 cohort of the Women's DAV Expedition Team.


For the Expedition teams, working in extreme weather conditions in the Alps and beyond comes with the territory. This is kit they'll be putting to the test in Winter 2021.


Men’s DAV Expedition Team

The Men's 2021 DAV Expedition Team comprises of Thomas März, Korbinian Grünauer, Hermann Böttcher, Fabian Hagenauer, Florian Storkenmaier, and Korbinian Fischer.


For the Expedition teams, working in extreme weather conditions in the Alps and beyond comes with the territory. This is kit they'll be putting to the test in Winter 2021.


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