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      Developed for Alpinists needing the very lightest warmth in real-world conditions; the lightest, most efficient, most protective down-filled insulation we have ever developed.

      New routing in the Garwhal Himalaya, Photo by Keith Ball.

    Built for Alpinism

    ‘It’s common to get specific requests from athletes. If we can, we’ll always try and tailor a product or sort someone out with a particular thing they have in mind. But it’s quite uncommon, frankly speaking, for those products to then wend their way through and become commercial products…’ Sam Stephenson, Head of Design.

    The Kryos Jacket, and FIRESTORM family of insulated products, (initially known as the Paul Ramsden Wad Jacket) is one product that began as a request from alpinist Paul Ramsden, and, after 3 years of research and development with some of the world’s leading alpinists, made its way into our range.

    Our FIRESTORM family of jackets used a hybrid construction of different baffle types throughout to maximise warmth in key areas.

    This is why if you turn one of our new down jackets inside out you’ll see a bewildering array of different baffles types: they are indicative of our obsessive and performance led approach to baffling, each one trying to eke out every iota of warmth from every gram of down.

    Lighter: Up to 20% lighter compared with a conventionally constructed down jacket.
    Warmer: Up to 20% more air is trapped decreasing thermal conductivity.
    More protective: No heat loss due to wind, less water ingress.

    • New routing in the Garwhal Himalaya, Photo by Keith Ball.

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