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    • Wash & Repair Service

      Matt Glenn, Lochnagar

    Wash & Repair Service

    Welcome to the Mountain Equipment Repair and Wash Service—where we will help you keep your gear performance stronger for longer. Our mission? Prolong the life of our products, keeping them out of landfill and give your trusty gear the TLC it deserves, so you can keep chasing those peaks without missing a beat.

    Got a tear in your waterproof? A busted zipper on your favourite down jacket? Has your sleeping bag been on a few trips too many and needs a deep clean? Don't sweat it, we’ve got you. Our expert technicians are here to fix things and get your gear back in action. We handle it all, from garments to sleeping bags, with care and precision.

    How It Works

    1. Choose the repair, wash, or reproof service you need below, ‘purchase it’.
    2. Send your Mountain Equipment gear back following the instructions we’ll send you by email.
    3. When we get it, we’ll inspect it and confirm the start of the process by email.
    4. Our skilled workshop technicians will work their magic and get your prized gear back to you (with a tracked delivery).
    No fuss, no hassle – just a reliable service to keep your gear going even longer.

    Can’t see what you’re looking for or your request is more complex you can build a repair
    quote instead, here.

    Sleeping bag
    Softshell & Midlayer Clothing
    Down & Synthetic Clothing
    Waterproof Clothing

    Your repairs


    Unsure of what service you need?

    Check out our repair information page to help you decide on which service is right for you

    Why not add a wash?

    If the repair entails greater complexity or if you wish to provide images for additional cost clarification, kindly create a repair quote instead.

    Build a repair quote instead

    If the repair entails greater complexity or if you wish to provide images for additional cost clarification, kindly create a repair quote instead.


    • Don’t see the service you’re after?

      No problem.
      Submit a repair request for your item; please follow the link below and fill out the Repair Request Form, and we’ll get back to you with more information.

    • How long will it take?

      Please note that repair services can take up to 6 weeks to process once received by our repairs workshop, although we aim to get it back to you much sooner. Wash and reproofing services can take up to 4 weeks once received. As we work on your request, we will be in touch with any necessary updates along the way.

    • What condition will my product be returned in?

      While Mountain Equipment makes every effort to restore items to their original condition, there could be slight modifications needed in colour match, material, and hardware used.

    • Getting your products to us:

      Customers are responsible for returning goods to us when using the free repair service. This includes the shipping cost and any insurance for damage or loss in transit (although this is not required, it is undertaken at the customer’s risk).

      Mountain Equipment will ensure goods are shipped back to the customer free of charge using our standard shipping service.
      Full details will be emailed to you once the service has been purchased.

    • Rejected repairs:

      Although we may turn down repairs upon assessment, if deemed irreparable (e.g., staining, abrasions, cut-off by paramedics or too much damage), an alternative solution will be offered where possible.

    • Preventative care

      If you have any questions about properly caring for your Mountain Equipment gear to prevent premature wear and tear, please see our product care guides.

    Any Problems

    If you have any issues with your repair, wash, or reproof, or you’ve not had contact from us about your purchased service within the estimated time, please contact our customer service representatives.